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    Colleen Woods

    Wow, Steve...those are some pretty compelling statistics. What I particularly like about Revolution Foods is that it educates and provides a great experience to KIDS. They are offered great food that serves as fuel and helps them live the fit and active lives all kids deserve.

    I like your challenge to the private sector. I will follow closely to see those who compete (or more optimistically - collaborate) to take on this huge health imperative.

    Thanks for calling attention to a very important problem our society faces.

    Steve Richmond

    Thanks Colleen. I'm pretty optimistic about the potential for innovation in this area. My fear is that we just end up with a bunch of anti-obesity drugs (yuck). Fun fact: 24 hour fitness believes the majority of its sales will come from companies purchasing the service for its employees - the winds, they are a changin - companies will be joining the effort in a big way to drive down costs.

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